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Key Maintenance Tip - #45

Melting Snow To Do's (sourced various websites)

I know it doesn't seem possible now, but the snow will melt. A few warm days has the potential to damage your home. Warm, melting days and chilly, freezing nights. As the warm sun melts the snow during the day, the still frozen ground prevents absorption of the water; therefore, leaving running water finding its way into your house as it runs along the surface of the ground. The risk continues for spring’s first rainfalls. As the ground remains frozen, the water has nowhere to go. When the first hints of warmer weather fill the air, it is important that you prepare for the snow melt to avoid damage to your home.

Tips to Prepare for Snow Melt

1. Perform a sump pump check-up.

2. Locate any window wells, low-lying doors or stairwells that may be holding snow. Clear these areas of any snow to minimize water seepage.

3. Clear a path through the snow for water to drain through as the snow melts. Water will find the path of least resistance; providing an easy route for the water to run away from your home will help keep it from entering your home.

4. Clear gutter run-off spouts.

5. Consider long term solutions, such as the grading of your yard. Flood risk is significantly greater for those whose yard slopes toward the home. Water pooling at your foundation will eventually seep its way in.

Using these five tips to preventing snow melt from seeping into your home will help keep your belongings safe each year. If you experience flooding, look into coverage with your homeowners insurance policy.

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