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Key Maintenance Tip - #44

Cold Weather Insulation To Do's (sourced various websites)

To Do #1

Keep drafts from sneaking in with a door snake, an object you place along that crack under your door. A 1/8-inch gap can let in as much cold air as a 2.4-inch diameter hole in the exterior wall, so a door snake makes a difference.

A rolled-up blanket makes a great snake — or you can buy the real deal for less than $20.

To Do #2

The hole in the wall where your dryer and bathroom vents exit the house leak air, too. Go outside and put silicon caulk on the outside edge of the vents, where it meets the wall.

You'll also keep bugs and other critters from sneaking in through the vent gaps.

To Do #3

Gaps around doors and windows are a top source of heat loss.

Install a narrow piece of metal, vinyl, rubber, foam, or rope caulk and peel-and-stick foam tape around them to stop conditioned air from escaping, and outdoor air from coming in.

To Do #4

Window film adds a layer of cold-blocking plastic that reduces heat loss by around 10%. It comes in sheets you cut to size, tape to the window glass, and then heat with a blow dryer to fit snugly and smoothly. It won't block natural light, so you can have your sunshine and your insulated window, too. You can also use this on sliding glass doors.

Make sure to clean your windows first, or the adhesive on the film may not stick.

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