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Key Maintenance - Tip #40

We're All Ready for the Lockdown to be Over (sourced various websites)

Here are some quick tips for caring for parts of your home during the easing of the lockdown.

1. Change HVAC Filters - A good rule of thumb is to change 1-2 inch filters every three months, 4 inch filters every six months and 5 inch filters every 12 months. Signs your air filter needs to be changed: The filter is visibly dirty. Certainly if you can't see the material of the filter itself, it should be replaced. Regularly changing your filters and having you unit properly maintained can save 5-40% on your energy bill.

2. Clean Window Tracks - Clean the track units with a vinegar-soaked rag. Dirt buildup in this area wears down the track springs, resulting in broken springs and broken windows. Once you’ve finished with the vinegar, rinse the tracks with water and dry to prevent acidic wear on the springs.

3. Lawn Care - When the grass is growing well, it’s time to mow. The proper mowing height will depend on your type of grass, but for good lawn health, follow the "one-third" rule: Never cut off more than one-third of the length of the grass. Mow more often when growth is peaking and back off when grass growth slows. It’s also best to "grasscycle" by leaving the grass clippings on the lawn. They return moisture and nutrients to the soil, so you'll need less fertilizer..

4. Gas Grill Cleaning - It’s good practice to burn off any food residue left on your grill by turning all your burners to high for 15 minutes before grilling. As your grill heats up, all food remnants will transform into ash. From there, you can easily brush them off using a stainless steel bristle brush.

If you have other priorities in your life, we have professionals who can help with all of the above home maintenance. My Home Expert is your single source for your home. Call or text us at 224-300-0672 for more information or visit our website ( to learn more about our My Home Expert services and Proactive Maintenance Plans.

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