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Key Maintenance - Tip #32

The Commando 450

Clean the shower heads in your home and you too can have the shower pressure Cosmo Kramer had in Seinfeld (sourced - various websites)

Tap water contains all sorts of microscopic particles, and over time mineral deposits can build up and clog the small holes in your shower head leading to reduced pressure. We recommend you clean your home's shower heads for better shower pressure, longer lasting fixtures and preventing mildew and other types of buildup.

1. Use a soft brush or old toothbrush and tip it into white vinegar and gently scrub in and around the holes to loosen dirt. Run water through the shower for a minute or two to rinse away the vinegar and debris.

2. If you notice decreased pressure in your shower head, it might be time to descale it as well. Here are two methods.

a) Fill a plastic bag with vinegar almost to the top and submerge your shower head in the bag. Attach a rubber band around the bag to secure it to the pipe above the shower head. Allow to soak overnight before removing and running the shower to rinse.

b) Unscrew and remove the shower head with a wrench or pliers. Use a toothpick to gently push deposits and buildup back up through the holes of shower head. Soak the head in vinegar overnight and rinse thoroughly before reattaching the shower head using teflon tape around the pipe.

If you have other priorities in your life, we have professionals who can help. My Home Expert is your single source for your home. Call or text us at 224-300-0672 for more information or visit our website ( to learn more about our My Home Expert services and Preventative Maintenance Plans.

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