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Key Maintenance - Tip #30

Another Possible Disaster?

Watch Out for Overgrown Trees in Your Yard (sourced - GOBankingRates)

Having a lot of trees in your yard can make for great landscaping. Just make sure they don’t grow too close to your house. Keep an eye on the trees and any branches, and if one of them starts to get too close, be sure to take steps to trim back anything that’s encroaching on the house.

Trees are heavy. The wrong weather pattern can result in big branches coming off and falling on what’s underneath them. Not taking care of your trees could very well end with a massive hole in your roof or a downed power line, putting you and your family in danger. Be sure that any and all large branches are clear of your house and your power lines and get them trimmed prior to it becoming a major danger. And keep an eye on that ivy while you’re at it, it can damage wood if it grows onto it.

If you have other priorities in your life, we have professionals who can help. My Home Expert is your single source for your home. Call or text us at 224-300-0672 for more information or visit our website ( to learn more about our My Home Expert services and Preventative Maintenance Plans.

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