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Frigid Temps To Do's - Tip #21

Be Safe and Prepared! Extreme cold temperatures and dangerous wind chills are upon us! We want all our valued customers and friends to be safe and prepared. Here are a few tips to keep you and your home safe during this arctic freeze! Inside your Home: •  Keep your circulation fan running on your HVAC system to minimize cold spots in your home •  Keep thermostats at a comfortable temperature day and night. Now is not the time to lower your thermostat during the nighttime! •  Keep cabinet doors open under sinks for heat circulation especially for sinks on exterior walls •  Keep a small trickle of water running at faucets to help prevent pipes from freezing •  Catch potential problems early by inspecting any known trouble areas of your property at least twice daily for any signs of cold related damage •  Check all chimney and exhaust flues to be sure they are clear of snow or ice •  Inspect all carbon monoxide detectors for proper operation and replace batteries if more than one year old   On the Road: •  Don’t wait until you’re low on gas! Refuel every night to be sure you’re prepared in the event you become stranded! •  Add fuel system additive to prevent fuel system freeze ups •  Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle with water, high protein snacks, extra blankets, gloves, and hats •  Check tire pressures as cold temperatures can reduce pressures •  Park vehicles in a garage if possible

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