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Key Maintenance Plan - Tip #13

Spring Landscaping Tips (sourced various websites) -

1. Water deeply and less often

When you water your lawn frequently for short periods of time you teach your grass to have a shallow root system. This makes it easier for weeds to emerge, and also makes the grass more susceptible to disease.

To prevent this you should water less, for longer periods of time. This trains the grass to grow deep, healthy root systems. This will help your lawn stay green, even in periods of drought.

2. Alternate mowing patterns

Think of your lawn like your own hair. When hair is constantly brushed the same way, in the same direction, it develops a sort of memory and falls in the same way most of the time. Lawns are very similar and many of us fall into the same mowing routine. We walk the same paths trying to finish as quick as possible. This will not only cause the grass to lay in one direction, but it can also cause compacted ruts from the mower. To prevent this mow in alternate directions and change your patterns. This will lead to a better looking, more even lawn.

3. Make sure mower blades are sharp

Believe it or not just because your blades cut grass doesn’t mean they are sharp. Almost any blade will cut grass, but a dull blade will leave the grass’ tiny blades sticking upwards. This can cause the grass to become brown. A sharp blade will sever the blade evenly, eliminating this problem.

4. Mulch your grass

Despite what you may have heard mulching is very healthy for your grass. If you don’t have a mulching mower you can buy a specified mulching blade. After the mower cuts of the initial piece of grass blade they are designed to chop these pieces several more times. The result is a very small piece of grass that will break down quickly. This layer of finely shredded grass blades adds nutrients to the soil as they decompose. They will also act similar to mulch, helping the lawn retain water.

5. Cut at the recommended height

Grass has roots as long as it is high. So those of you that mow to an inch and a half hoping to put off the next cut for as long as possible are doing more harm than good. A healthy height is around 3″. Also VERY IMPORTANT do not mow more than 1/3rd of the height of your grass at once. If you need to cut off more than 1/3rd of the height you should plan on cutting the lawn twice if necessary. Failing to do so will weaken the grass making it susceptible to drought and disease.

6. Mow when dry

When grass is wet it is difficult to cut, and quickly clogs mower decks. Besides this these wet clumps can be compacted on the surface of the lawn, cutting off water and oxygen to these areas.

7. Aerate in Spring and Fall

Aerating is extremely beneficial to your lawn. This does a few things:

It gives your lawn’s roots room to grow

It allows water and nutrients to penetrate your soil, helping to reach the grass’ roots

Microorganisms from the soil are left on the surface, aiding in the decomposition of thatch

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