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Key Maintenance Plan - Tip #11

More Simple Spring Cleaning Tips for a clean home and longer appliance life (sourced various websites) -

Clean your microwave vents. Open your microwave and check the vents on the side for food buildup. Use a mixture of lemon, soap, and hot water to scrub the interior vigorously. Dry with a soft paper towel. Clearing the gunk keeps your microwave from overheating (and breaking down) because caked-on food interferes with the operation of the fan blades.

Clean the food trap in your dishwasher. Locate the trap beneath the cleaning blades of your dishwasher. You should see a small section that you can remove. Unlock it and pull it out of the machine. (You’ll want to wear a pair of gloves -- there may be some food in the trap). Toss the food particles stuck to the trap, and then wash it with hot water and bleach. Replace the trap.

Clean your dryer lint filter. You’ve been removing the lint from your lint trap forever, but did you know you also need to wash it occasionally to keep bacteria and other elements from clogging up your dryer’s motor? It’s easy: pick off the residual lint and run the trap under warm water. Use soap to break down any extra buildup. Hand dry the filter and snap it back into place to finish.

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