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Key Maintenance Plan - Tip #10

“It is the neglect of a timely repair that is costly".

Start Thinking About Your Spring To Do’s Now: (source various websites)

Cleaning -There’s certainly no shortage of things to clean outside when the spring season hits. Cleaning siding, windows, foundations, decks, gutters, patio furniture, grills, driveways, pool areas, fences, mowers, and more. Use of a pressure washer is ideal for these cleanings.

Touch-up Painting -Exterior paint takes a beating throughout the year, so touching up those areas of your house, fence, or shed where paint is starting to fail is a good way to avoid long-term damage and make everything look new and fresh. This isn’t a task you want to revisit every year, so it is crucial to follow the proper steps for prepping, priming, and repainting.

If you have other priorities in your life that you’d rather be doing, My Home Expert is your answer. Our Handyman Services will take care of these 2 tasks and more. Visit our website to learn more ( or call us 224-300-0672 to answer any questions. Or just sign up now for one of our Preventative Maintenance Plans at Sign Up. Also, sign up for all our Blog posts -

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