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Key Maintenance Plan - Tip #9

February is Perfect for these Homeowner Tasks: (sourced various websites)

1. Clean refrigerator coils

To keep your refrigerator in tiptop shape and save energy, clean the refrigerator condenser coils located in the back or on the bottom of the appliance.

Use a vacuum to clean coils (just make sure to pop on the upholstery attachment first). While you’re at it, vacuum the floor under and behind the fridge, too. Then, shove a duster or refrigerator coil brush (about $5 and designed for this exact purpose) between the coils, and clean the rest of the dust, hair, and dirt still clinging to the coils.

2. Clean out dryer vents

Clean the duct that connects the back of your dryer to outside vents. If you don't, lint and other debris could decrease your dryer’s efficiency, increase energy bills, and even cause fires. Also, make sure birds and other animals haven’t made a home in your warm and toasty vent.

Twice a year, use a leaf blower to remove lint and debris from ducts. Also, cover the outside vents with a fine mesh screen so birds and bugs don’t nest in ducts.

3. Clean and maintain your sump pump

Clean out your sump pump pit and make sure the sump pump is working in February to prepare for the increase in groundwater that spring rains will cause.

Test the pump by adding water to the pit, and confirm the pump ejects it as it is designed to. Just be sure to replace the pit cover after confirming the pump works. Also, make sure nothing obstructs the sump pump pipe, which drains water to the outside of your home.

4. Give your mattress some love

Vacuum box springs and the mattress top and bottom. Rotate or flip the mattress.

If you have a one-sided mattress—one side is padded; the other isn’t—don’t bother flipping; just rotate it to provide even aging. If you have a two-sided mattress, flip every two months to prevent sags.

Not a Do-It-Yourselfer - Give My Home Expert a call (224-300-0672) or visit our website ( to sign up for one of our convenient Preventative Home Maintenance Plans to get the February Homeowner Tasks done.

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