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Key Maintenance Plan – Tip #1

Dryer Vent Cleaning: Chimney Safety Institute of America

Lint and debris can build up in your clothes dryer duct causing your dryer to exhaust at less than optimum efficiency. This creates potentially hazardous conditions including carbon monoxide intrusion and the possibility for fires. If a gas clothes dryer is improperly vented or the exhaust duct itself is blocked by lint or debris, carbon monoxide can be forced back into your living space. If your dryer is not on an exterior wall, it’s likely that the vent leading outside is clogged

How often should you clean your dryer vent: every year.

Potential savings: your home, your furnishings, your belongings and your life.

If you ignore it, the result could be a disastrous fire. Once the vent gets clogged, the dryer starts overheating and it can catch on fire. Dryer fires are very dangerous and the #1 Cause of House Fires!

FYI – Dryer Vent Cleaning is included in all our Proactive Maintenance Plans.

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