Frequently asked questions

What is the vetting process for My Home Expert Service Providers?

Each potential Service Provider is interviewed in person, customer references checked, and online reviews researched. We also investigate with Better Business Bureau, obtain Certificates of Insurance and ensure sufficient amounts of coverage.

Are the costs of the My Home Expert service providers competitive?

All My Home Expert Service Providers are competitively priced and reasonable for the service(s) provided and include - scheduled Maintenance Calendar and Reminders.

Do I have to sign up for My Home Expert for a specific period of time?

All of our Proactive Maintenance Plans are Satisfaction Guaranteed. So if you're not pleased for any reason, we will terminate your Plan. If you paid up front for a full year, we will refund your pro-rata portion, or if you're on a monthly payment Plan you will not be billed any further.

I have a Home Warranty.  Why do I need My Home Expert?

A Home Warranty is a reactive product similar to an insurance policy. They only have value when something goes wrong. My Home Expert is a proactive product. Your Plan includes regularly scheduled Proactive Maintenance to avoid disasters, and prolong the life of the major equipment in your home.

Is Proactive Maintenance on your home beneficial or not?

Based on a study by the University of Connecticut home proactive maintenance adds between .5% to 1.0% to your home's value annually. Proactive maintenance will also help ensure the major equipment in your home will last to its expected life.