Key Maintenance - Tip #34

Keep your garbage disposal running smoothly: (sourced various websites) Since you throw all kinds of junk into your garbage disposal, it’s only logical it’ll need a little care and attention on a regular basis. After use, make sure to always run the machine with cold water for a minute with dish soap inside. Cold water will help solidify any grease so it can be chopped up before hitting the trap. As well as this minor periodic maintenance, you’ll need to make an effort to properly upkeep the unit. An easy way to do this is to toss a lemon or an orange into the disposal once or twice a month. The citric acid from the fruit helps break up any buildups of grease, and, as an added bonus, it smel

Key Maintenance - Tip #33

Homeownership Facts to Remember: (sourced various websites) A top frustration for millennial homeowners is underestimating the costs and the ongoing responsibilities of maintaining their home. Nearly two-thirds of homeowners have experienced anxiety relating to owning a home and 75% of those say it comes from dealing with unexpected home repair costs. More than 25% of homeowners admit ignoring minor faults until they become more serious. 34% of home insurance claim costs are driven by preventable factors. It’s the neglect of a timely repair that is costly – reactive home maintenance is expensive. My Home Expert focuses on prevention rather than repair (although we do repairs too). Our Proac

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