Frigid Temps To Do's - Tip #21

Be Safe and Prepared! Extreme cold temperatures and dangerous wind chills are upon us! We want all our valued customers and friends to be safe and prepared. Here are a few tips to keep you and your home safe during this arctic freeze! Inside your Home: •  Keep your circulation fan running on your HVAC system to minimize cold spots in your home •  Keep thermostats at a comfortable temperature day and night. Now is not the time to lower your thermostat during the nighttime! •  Keep cabinet doors open under sinks for heat circulation especially for sinks on exterior walls •  Keep a small trickle of water running at faucets to help prevent pipes from freezing •  Catch potential pro

Key Maintenance Plan - Tip #20

Do a Home Inventory (sourced various websites) “A home inventory is beneficial because it gives homeowners and insurers a clear picture of how many items are in a home and how much it would cost to replace them in the event of a natural disaster,” says Michael Barry, a spokesperson at the industry-sponsored Insurance Information Institute, based in New York City. Using your smartphone’s video feature, sweep the camera around a room, narrating the description of items you’re filming and—if you remember—what you paid. (Photograph receipts if you have them.) Capture serial numbers and brand names when possible so that the insurer can replace what you had with exact or similar items. Once you’ve

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