Key Maintenance Plan - Tip #6

Winter HVAC Maintenance: (sourced various websites) Fall and winter are not that far off. During those months, your HVAC system is an important part of your comfort at home. To make sure that you are not left in the cold this coming season, it is a great idea to remember to schedule preventative HVAC services. There are 3 major reasons for this service – 1) Avoid Breakdowns - tuning up your system will detect maintenance issues before they become big problems and ensure your system will last its expected years of service; 2) Improve Efficiency - you’ll help conserve energy and save on your monthly utility bills if you assure your system is running at its peak performance level; 3) Keep Yo

Treat Your House As Well As You Treat Yourself

Question: You go to your doctor annually for a complete physical, and periodically throughout the year for miscellaneous ailments. Well, your home is more than likely your single biggest lifetime purchase. Doesn’t it make sense to trust your home to an expert and have it maintained annually too? Who should you turn to? Answer: My Town HOA. A homeowner’s Trusted, Convenient, and One Source Total Concierge Maintenance and Repair Service for your home - Source, Schedule, Track, Follow Up and Invoice. Click on SIGN UP NOW, so you can enjoy your life.

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