Key Maintenance Plan - Tip #3

Garage Door Maintenance: (sourced various websites) Did you know 60% of garage doors were found to be in disrepair or working improperly when tested by the Consumer Product Safety Commission? The garage door is the most used entrance to the home, yet it is often overlooked and neglected. 71% of people use their garage as the main entrance to their home. As something you likely use on a daily basis, it’s worth your time and money to make sure your garage door is in good working order. Investing a little extra time and attention every few months can give you a safer, longer-lasting garage door. Garage doors can exert deadly force when closing, some strong enough to crush a small child. 30,000

Key Maintenance Plan - Tip #2

Summer HVAC Maintenance: blog Make sure your Air Conditioner is working properly for those hot summer months and have preventive maintenance done as a safety net for your HVAC system. It catches potential problems that could otherwise snowball into bigger and more expensive issues. Without routine maintenance, you could easily find yourself spending hundreds even thousands of dollars on emergency repairs. It’s not just repair costs that make preventive maintenance important. Your system’s longevity also depends on regularly scheduled maintenance. It will not only ensure that your HVAC system lasts throughout its projected 15-year lifespan, but it also runs with excellent energy

Key Maintenance Plan – Tip #1

Dryer Vent Cleaning: Chimney Safety Institute of America Lint and debris can build up in your clothes dryer duct causing your dryer to exhaust at less than optimum efficiency. This creates potentially hazardous conditions including carbon monoxide intrusion and the possibility for fires. If a gas clothes dryer is improperly vented or the exhaust duct itself is blocked by lint or debris, carbon monoxide can be forced back into your living space. If your dryer is not on an exterior wall, it’s likely that the vent leading outside is clogged How often should you clean your dryer vent: every year. Potential savings: your home, your furnishings, your belongings and your life. If you ign

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